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Technical Info

Acti-Plex® Plaster Admixture

Read more about Acti-Plex® features and benefits, including
photomicrographs of paste/aggragate bonding and pore size reduction.
Also included is technical data on compressive strength and reduced scaling.


Conducting Successful Pool Trials with Acti-Plex® Admixture

Detailed instructions are provided for dosage and mixing.  Also the document
lists the Acti-Plex® benefits at each stage of the pool plastering process. It is a
handy guide to be used as a scorecard by the foreman to capture the
results of a trial.


For additional technical information please contact your local distributor or one of our sales representatives at

Press play to watch how Acti-Plex® plaster additive
has helped our customers as it’s applied to a swimming pool!

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