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How To Use It

  • Dosage is simple: 1 lb per 1,000 lb batch or 0.1% (total dry weight basis)
    • 1 lb = One 4-cup kitchen measuring cup
    • 1 lb = One BLUE D.E. cup
    • 1 lb = ½ ORANGE D.E. cup
  • A minimum amount of Acti-Plex admixture is needed (0.1%) to fully develop the lattice structure and achieve the many benefits described.
  • A slight over-dosing, up to 0.2%, is not harmful to the plaster.
  • Add directly to the plaster batch immediately after the first two bags of cement
  • Do not adjust water content.
  • Requires good mixing to disperse across the cement, sand and aggregates. Recommend 3 minutes.
  • Acti-Plex product is shipped as a low dusting, beaded powder in 25 lb re-sealable buckets.


  • Easy to use, no mix adjustments, no negative effects.
  • Creates more uniform curing which improves color consistency.
  • Can reduce pump pressure and hose lock-ups.
  • Provides excellent sag resistance – great for quartz and pebble. Roll-out and slumping at the tile line is greatly reduced.
  • Plaster clings to walls better, but still trowels easily.
  • Easier paste removal during acid wash.

Press play to watch how Acti-Plex® plaster additive
has helped our customers as it’s applied to a swimming pool!

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