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How It Works

Acti-Plex® multi-functional mineral additive is comprised of electrically charged micro-particles that form a unique lattice structure that suspends and more evenly disperses other particles. A more uniform plaster mix is created with a smaller, more uniform pore structure and a denser matrix with improved paste/aggregate bonding.  This directly benefits the plasterers and pool builders with a higher quality plaster with having less shrinkage, check cracking, water permeability and efflorescence, and increased pebble retention and compressive strength.   Acti-Plex® additive is inert and has virtually no chemical reaction so there is no effect on cure or water demand.

Following is a description of how Acti-Plex® works to provide a stable, flowable plaster mix.

  • In a mixture “AT REST”:
    • When dispersed in a cement/plaster matrix, Acti-Plex® particles arrange into a 3-dimensional framework, or lattice structure, as a result of their electrical charge.
    • This lattice traps or suspends other particles in the system creating a very uniform and stable mix that reduces settling. These well-dispersed plaster components are now able to function at a more optimal level.

Thixotropic of Acti-Plex Plaster Mix

  • In a mixture UNDER MOTION:
    • The Acti-Plex® lattice structure becomes altered as particles easily realign along the flow direction when mixed or pumped. This results in lower viscosity and markedly improved flowability, pumpability, and troweling.


  • On RETURN TO “AT REST” conditions:
    • The rate of ‘thixotropic recovery’ – or rebuilding of the Acti-Plex® lattice structure – is exceptionally fast in the immediate return to a stable structure resulting in:
      • Unsurpassed cohesion and adhesion for reduced settling and sag
      • Improved green strength and shape stability
      • Reduced permeability and shrinkage
      • Better paste-aggregate bonding
      • Increased early strength
    • This process of forming and un-forming the lattice structure can be repeated endlessly without loss of performance.

                      Thin section photomicrograph without Acti-Plex in the pool plaster mix                       Thin section of photomicrograph with 0.15 Acti-Plex in the Pool Plaster Mix

 Thin section photomicrographs show reduction in macroporosity and better paste/aggregate bonding after addition of 0.1% Acti-Plex mineral product to the plaster mix.

What Acti-Plex does not do:

  • Does not affect cure, color or water/cement ratio
  • Does not react in normal plaster applications and pool environments
  • Has no expiration (unlimited shelf life) if kept dry
  • Does not swell and absorb fluids like other additives
  • Is extremely stable – not affected by:
    • over-mixing
    • temperature build up
    • pH 2-13
    • time (after mixing)


  • Mix stabilization. All components remain suspended and well distributed in the plaster
  • Improves paste / aggregate bond (paste densification)
  • Improves cohesion
    • Holds pebble tight – especially fine grades – on edges, under tile, around fixtures
    • Provides more uniform exposure of pebbles and glass beads
    • Reduces washout
  • Rheology modification
    • Superior troweling: improves & extends workability – no tears, easier to fix bubbles
    • Exposed or saturated paste completely “sheets” off the wall (less heavy deposits, easier acid washing, more uniform color appearance)
    • Excellent pumpability, sprayability and workability
  • Increases compressive strength


Press play to watch how Acti-Plex® plaster additive
has helped our customers as it’s applied to a swimming pool!

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