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Which type of pool plaster does Acti-Plex® additive work in best – marcite, colored, quartz, glass bead, pebble or glass bead?

  • The many benefits of Acti-Plex® have been well demonstrated in every type of pool plaster. It is easy to use and provides consistent results.  It is especially valuable in pebble and glass bead plasters for improving pebble retention, exposure and acid washing.

Does Acti-Plex® affect the exposure of pebbles?

  • Acti-Plex® provides a better, more uniform exposure of pebbles and glass beads by creating an improved paste-aggregate bond – see photomicrographs. Consistent field results show this tighter pebble matrix will resist washouts, yet the paste still washes off easily during exposure. The tighter matrix provides a more complete pebble formation at the tile line and around fixtures. It also prevents less pick-offs on step corners, which is especially valuable with fine pebbles.

Does Acti-Plex® alter the plaster making it more difficult to clean off the paste during acid washing of a pebble or glass bead finish?

  • Acti-Plex.® During exposure, the excess surface paste will “sheet” off the wall more completely rather than run in channels that leave heavier deposits, which are more difficult to remove with acid wash. You will find a great reduction of stubborn spots that require full strength acid scrubbing. The end result is a more uniform color appearance from the top to bottom. You may even find that less acid is needed to complete a job.

What if I add too much or too little Acti-Plex® by mistake?

  • Under-dosing the plaster with less than 0.1% will not provide a sufficient number of Acti-Plex® particles to create a complete lattice structure. The other components of the plaster mix will not benefit by Acti-Plex® additive’s ability to fully suspend and more evenly distribute them, so many of the Acti-Plex® benefits will not be achieved.
  • Over-dosing the plaster by more than 0.2% (2 times the recommended dosage) will overcrowd the Acti-Plex® particles. This can interfere with its formation of the lattice structure, thereby lessening its performance. The first sign of over-dosing is lack of improved workability.  No other harmful affects are known from over-dosing.

Should I add more water when using Acti-Plex®?

  • No. You should not adjust water in the plaster mix when you use Acti-Plex®. The additive will create a creamier, denser product that does not require more water. Even though the consistency of the plaster may appear thicker, the pumpability, sprayability and workability of the plaster will not be reduced, but rather improved.

Does Acti-Plex® affect the amount of calcium I need to add to my plaster mix?

  • No.  Acti-Plex® is inert and has virtually no chemical reaction in a cement-based formula. You should add the amount of calcium you would normally use for your weather condition.

If I’m using another plaster additive will Acti-Plex® interfere with it?

  • No.  Acti-Plex® is not pozzolanic and will not react with inorganic materials like metakaolin, other pozzolans, accelerators, retarders, or color pigments. On the other hand, it will help suspend and more evenly distribute plaster components allowing them to function at a more optimal level.

Do weather conditions effect how I use Acti-Plex®?

  • No.  Acti-Plex® pool plaster additive has been proven time and time again in every type of environment from dry and hot, to humid, to cold. Plaster applicators all across the US, Canada and Australia have seen the many benefits of Acti-Plex® no matter the climate.

Does Acti-Plex® affect the color characteristics of any plasters?

  • With Acti-Plex®‘s micro-particles and at such a small dosage rate (1 pound for every 1000 pounds of material) Acti-Plex®’s light cream color cannot be noticed when mixed in any type of plaster.

What happens if Acti-Plex® gets wet before I use it?

  • If you Acti-Plex® pool plaster additive gets wet and then dries, it will harden and be unusable. It should be discarded. Re-wetting Acti-Plex® after hardening will not restore its functionality. If Acti-Plex® becomes wet it should be dispersed into a plaster mix before it begins to dry.

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