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Better Plaster Every Time
Reduces Call Backs

Acti-Plex® is a new and unique plaster additive, developed to improve the quality and lifetime of plaster.

Acti-Plex® multi-functional additive overcomes the many challenges of making quality plasters. By adding Acti-Plex®, plaster becomes easier to apply, resulting in a better finish every time.

Acti-Plex® provides a benefit to virtually every step of the plastering job, from start to finish with greater satisfaction by pool owners and applicators, and a reduction in costly call backs for contractors.

Swimming pool plasterers, in particular, have noticed the many benefits adding Acti-Plex® to their plastering supplies. It is very simple to use with multiple benefits proven consistently in thousands of pools under a wide range of temperature, wind, and humidity conditions throughout the U.S. and Australia.

After just one use of Acti-Plex®, you’ll soon find it an essential element in your swimming pool plaster supplies.

Press play to watch how Acti-Plex® plaster additive
has helped our customers as it’s applied to a swimming pool!

The Benefits of using Acti-Plex in your pool plaster:

  • Reduces Check Cracking and ShrinkageFREESTONE_Stuart
  • Reduces Mottling, Scaling, and Efflorescence
  • Reduces Sagging and Rollout
  • Improves Pumping, Spraying and Workability
  • Improves Exposure and Acid Wash
                                                                                                                                                                   Pool finished by PMM Freestone

treated with Acti-Plex®

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